Laundry Love Jan 2019

Our friend, Michael, has gone from living on the streets to finding a new home! As each laundry day comes and  goes, it is easy to be discouraged and to wonder if we are making a real difference. We know that we provide encouragement, laundry services, clothing, food, and information. However, is anyone experiencing life change? When we first met Michael, he was struggling on the streets; somehow, each month he was able to find a way to us so he could get his laundry washed. This January day was different, Michael showed up with a skip in his step. It was immediately apparent that something had changed! He shared with the team that HE now had his own apartment. He was grateful for our help and had decided that Capture the Vision would be his new church family; the place he would give back!!! He joined us as a volunteer and helped serve those that came in that day for laundry assistance. This January Laundry Love, the first one of 2019, was a day of celebration. Yes, we are making a difference and we know that there are so many more stories to come! It is because of you; our donor, prayer partner, or volunteer, that Michael was able to start a new life! We appreciate your support more than we are able to express! 

Our 3-Month Goals

  • Raise the other 1/2 of the funds for a second Laundry Love.
  • Locate a family to get off the streets.
  • Recruit and train leaders and volunteers. 

Laundry Love Results

January’s Laundry Love Partner: Capture the Vision
Location: Excell Laundry – Date: Thursday Jan 10
Total Volunteers: 21
Number Served: 29 families with 122 washer loads and 74 dryer loads
Demographics: 16 disabled, 6 veterans, and 5 living on the streets

Volunteers & Donors

Thank you to all who helped with Laundry Love. This month’s volunteers: Flora, Renee, Kaela, Doye, Jerica, Carolyn, JoAnn, Jan, Seriah, Michael, Cody, and Anita. This month’s donors: Cheryl, Johnny, Pastor John, Abrie, and Faustin. 

The Capture the Vision Team,
Elaine, Lori, Dayera, Ann, Tim, Roger, & Toni
Contact Us: / 719-717-9922