Laundry Love Feb 2019

Prior to this Laundry Love event, our team had been helping an average of 22.75 families since July 2018. Boy were we surprised to surpass our all-time high of 29 families in one week; on Feb 14 we served 59 families! Excell laundry was extremely busy as we helped our regular clients and an increase of those living on the streets was three times our normal average! 

By providing laundry services families can go to work, attend school, and live life with dignity. Today, there is a HUGE need for an additional Laundry Love location. We are currently serving the Mesa Junction community and will be adding a new location. We have raised a portion of the monthly sponsorship and are in need of $150-$200 per month to fund a second location. This Laundry Love will most likely benefit the BESSEMER community. If BESSEMER is NEAR and DEAR to your HEART, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for the families in this neighborhood! We are passionate about Pueblo! We are community driven! We are an all-volunteer team! We are supported and funded by local businesses that love and care about their Pueblo community! A huge thank you for this month’s sponsors: J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth Enterprizes, & Agape Fellowship.

Our 3-Month Goals

  • Open Bessemer Laundry Love Location.
  • Locate a family to get off the streets.
  • Recruit and train volunteers and leaders.
  • Develop a strategic plan for showers and/or community hygiene solutions.

Laundry Love Results

February’s Laundry Love Partner: J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth Enterprizes, & Agape Fellowship
Location: Excell Laundry – Date: Thursday Feb 14
Total Volunteers: 19
Number Served: 59 families with 202 washer loads and 178 dryer loads
Demographics: 16 disabled, 2 veterans, and 25 living on the streets

Volunteers & Donors

Thank you to all who helped with Laundry Love. February volunteers: Flora, Doye, Jerica, JoAnn, Jan, Bonnie, Alana, Seriah,Jeff, and Cody. Security: John & John Q.  Donors: Steve & Pueblo West High School, Robin & Gordon Shearer, STEAM Punks 4-H Club, Glenda, Judith, & Pat. 

The Capture the Vision Leadership Team
Dayera, Elaine, Toni, Lori, Tim, Roger, and Ann
Contact us: / 719-717-9922