Laundry Love April 2019

Did you know??? Excell Laundry used to be another community gathering place for families in and around Pueblo? For many years, 122 W. Abriendo Ave. was the location of a popular roller skating rink called Skateland. Stop by sometime and take a look next to the dryers, there is still some of the beautiful old wood floors that we all skated on. During Laundry Love we talk about the good times we spent, at this same location, having fun with our family or friends. Today, this building houses Excell Laundry and is the place that we are grateful to for allowing us to provide laundry services to our community. It is exciting to know, that a building with a history of connecting and helping people, continues its legacy though the Laundry Love program on the second Thursday of each month! It is literally, history repeating itself! 

We continue to work on opening a location in the Bessemer community and are getting closer to being fully funded. Remember that by providing laundry services families can go to work, attend school, and live life with dignity. We are passionate about Pueblo! We are community driven! We are an all-volunteer team! We are supported and funded by local businesses that love and care about their Pueblo community! A huge thank you for our monthly sponsors: J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth, & Agape Fellowship.

Our 3-Month Goals

  • Open Bessemer Laundry Love Location.
  • Recruit and train volunteers and leaders.
  • Develop a strategic plan for community hygiene solutions.
  • Locate a family to get off the streets.

April Laundry Love Results

April’s Laundry Love Partner: J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth, & Agape Fellowship
Location: Excell Laundry – Date: Thursday April 11
Total Volunteers: 17
Number Served: 30 families with 105 washer loads and 71 dryer loads
Demographics: 16 disabled, 6 veterans, and 6 living on the streets

Volunteers & Donors

Thank you to all who helped with Laundry Love. April volunteers: Flora, JoAnn, Marilyn, Carolyn, Jan, Bonnie, and Seriah. Security: John, John Q. & David Brown. Donors: Flora, John Q., Tanya, Connie McDonald, and the IOF Foresters that had 11 people make care bags for the veterans.

The Capture the Vision Leadership Team
Elaine, Toni, Lori, Tim, Roger, Ann, and Dayera
Contact us: / 719-717-9922