Laundry Love June 2019

In June, we facilitated two Laundry Love events! The June 13thevent was staffed by a volunteers from a group called Yada Yadah, which is a multi-church ministry in Pueblo, that is building a community for single Christian women to connect and study the Bible. Thank you to the Yada Yadah group for your generous donations of soap and dryer sheets and your willingness to serve with us!

June 26 was funded and staffed with volunteers by Steel City Fellowship (SCF). The volunteers, a missions team made up of mostly teenagers, were from Dell City, Oklahoma. This hard working group did an amazing job connecting with those at Excell by listening, encouraging, and praying while sorting clothes, bagging laundry soap, checking-in clients, and assisting with laundry. These teens and their leaders did an amazing job! Thank you to SCF and the missions team from Dell City, Oklahoma. 

Our Community

So far, in May & June, we have been able to provide two Laundry Love events at the same location. We have a good reason to celebrate! We have received funding to add another location and are working to prepare for this transition. Thanks to our donors we can provide CRITICAL services such as clean laundry so that families can go to WORK, attend SCHOOL, and live life with DIGNITY. We are passionate about Pueblo! We are community driven! We are an all-volunteer team! We are supported and funded by local businesses, individuals, and churches that love and care about the Pueblo community! 


Over the next few months we will be rolling out the plans for a few new projects that have been in the works for the past year. We continue to be committed to finding a solution to meet the need for SHOWERS, creating a long-term and sustainable FAMILY HYGIENE program, and sponsoring Pueblo City School TEACHERS with necessary supplies. Please contact us if you are interested in planning, supporting, or leading in one of these areas. Individuals with open minds and CREATIVE ideas are key to finding SOLUTIONS for unsolvable problems, TOGETHER we will do great things! 

3-Month Goals

  • Team Building
  • Sustainable Family Hygiene Program
  • Community Showers
  • Supplies for Teachers

June Laundry Love Results

Laundry Love Partners: J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth,, Agape Fellowship, & Steel City Fellowship
June 13: 7 Volunteers, 35 Families Served, 116 Washes, 75 Dryers
June 26: 19 Volunteers, 35 Families Served, 98 Washes, 83 Dryers
June Demographics: Disabled: 31, Veterans: 11, On the Streets: 16


Thank you to all who helped with Laundry Love. June 13 Volunteers: Flora, Doye, Glenda, Pat,John Q., & John.
June 26 Volunteers: John D., Glenda, Doye, Holly, Lizzie, Jasmine, Sharon, Drew, Gabe, Amy, Emily, Samuel, Brian, Mikayla, & Seriah.

Serving together with you! The Capture the Vision Leadership Team, Tim, Roger, Ann, Dayera, Elaine, & Lori