Laundry Love July 2019

The July Laundry Love event was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! As hot as it was inside Excell laundry, it was even worse for those outside, living daily on the streets. You could tell that making that long walk with a laundry bag was extremely difficult and so many were in desperate need of a shower. In that moment, our hearts were broken knowing that a cool shower would have been so refreshing and reprieve from the daily struggles that they were facing. As we gave out survival packs, one client asked if there might be bug repellent in the pack. There wasn’t, so we quickly located another one that did have one and gave it to him. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt in that extreme heat because the bugs were so brutal. It is difficult to imagine how a person could be so grateful and thankful for one small can of bug repellent. If you feel compelled to help in any way, please consider donating sunscreen, bug repellent (with DEET), or essential oil bug repellent wipes!

Think back to a time when you went camping or took a long trip without a shower. Can you remember the moment you finally turned on the shower and stepped under the stream of water? What an amazing moment! After you got out and dried off, you felt so amazing to be clean again. Showers, showers, showers!!!! We need to be able to provide showers. We are praying for a community embraced solution. Please consider how you can help us make this happen. 

Our Community

Thank you to our AMAZING donors. Because of you, we provide CRITICAL services such as clean laundry so that families can go to WORK, attend SCHOOL, and live life with DIGNITY. We are passionate about Pueblo! We are community driven! We are an all-volunteer team! We are supported and funded by local businesses, individuals, and churches that love and care about the Pueblo community! 

Our Vision

We WILL find a solution to meet the need for SHOWERS, create a long-term and sustainable FAMILY HYGIENE program, and sponsor Pueblo City School TEACHERS with necessary supplies. Please contact us if you are interested in planning, supporting, or leading in one of these areas. Individuals with open minds and CREATIVE ideas are key to finding SOLUTIONS for unsolvable problems, TOGETHER we will do great things! 

3-Month Goals

  • Team Building
  • Family Hygiene Program
  • Shower Program
  • School Supplies for Teachers

July Laundry Love Results

Partners: J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth, Agape Fellowship, & Steel City Fellowship
July 11: Excell Laundry –  13 Volunteers, 26 Families Served, 81 Washes, & Dryers: 61
July Demographics:  13 Disabled, 6 Veterans, & 9 On the Streets
Thank you to all who helped with Laundry Love. Volunteers: Doye, Kaela, JoAnn, Cody, Nicole, Harold, Jerica, John, & Bonnie. 

The Capture the Vision Leadership Team,
Ann, Dayera, Elaine, Lori, Tim, & Roger