November Update 2019

November is a month of thankfulness; each year friends and families gather to celebrate life and love. Some spend time reflecting on the year, sharing one thing for which they are thankful. For Capture the Vision, we simply could not limit our thankfulness, as there are so many people, experiences, and opportunities that have brought us great joy this year! We appreciate our clients for trusting and allowing us to assist them during difficult life circumstances; you are the reason for our vision. We are grateful beyond measure for our donors, without your prayers, donations, and financial support we would be unable to speak into the lives of those in need. We are thankful for our volunteers; you are the hands and feet of our mission and you embody our heart for loving people and showing them Jesus. Thank you to each and every one for you giving hearts! If you haven’t yet, take the time to tell the people around you how much they mean to you, be kind to a stranger, and continue to pray for our community! Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving holiday. 


This month started off with a BANG! We had recently connected with a local elementary school with the mission to encourage teachers, support them in creating better students, and ultimately, transforming our community. The office staff contacted us to say not to bring supplies but rather help the children as so many did not have coats or winter clothing. We had already collected money donated specifically to the school supply program and this money would have to be used for that purpose. The only thing we could do is take a risk and reach out to our supporters for help. As a result, we were able to supply coats, boots, hats, and gloves to 12 students and for some, winter clothing. The office staff, teachers, parents, and children were so grateful. When the kids were called to the office to pick up their items, they told us they thought they were in trouble! Once they saw their new coats, their faces lit up! The children here still have so much need, please consider joining our efforts to support Pueblo City Schools! 

Medal of Honor

Two of our leaders, Tim and his sidekick Lori, had the opportunity to do a Medal of Honor presentation for three kindergarten classes (75 children) at the school. The kids were involved, dressing up and learning about the brave individuals that were recipients of the Medal of Honor. It was a fun time for all! A big thank you to Robin and Nadia for taking over as our donation coordinators, this was a critical need that was filled by two hardworking and dedicated individuals. We are always looking for leaders and volunteers, please contact us if you would like to be involved! TOGETHER we will do great things! 

November Laundry Love Report

November 14: Excell: 53 Families served , 197 Washes, 12 Volunteers,  19 Disabled, 7 Veterans, 16 On the Streets, 28 new clients
November 20: Lady Fair: 25 Families served, 170 Washes, 10 Volunteers, 10 Disabled, 3 Veterans, 5 On the Streets, 16 new clients
Laundry Love Partners: Agape Fellowship, Steel City Fellowship, J G Enterprises, LLC., Amazing Grace Fellowship, Nazareth, A & E Custom Designs

The Capture the Vision Leadership Team: Elaine, Lori, Tim, Roger, Ann, & Dayera