December Update 2019

Encourage vision, offer hope, and restore dignity for all in need!

Wow! 2019 has been a fantastic year! Our team has seen so many lives changed over the past 12 months and we are sure that there are many other fantastic experiences, of which, we may never know. As the year comes to an end, we reflect upon the team’s growth and the continued increasing support from the local community. Thank you to the Pueblo businesses that have provided financial and service support, these include J G Enterprises, LLC., Nazareth, and A & E Custom Designs. We are grateful to the churches that have prayed, encouraged, and given, these include Agape Fellowship, Steel City Fellowship, and Amazing Grace Fellowship. This short note does not have enough space to thank all of the individual donors and volunteers that support the mission and partner with us daily, weekly, and monthly. To everyone involved in any way, please know that we love and appreciate you so very much. You matter and you are part of each and every life changing experience! Because of you, we provide CRITICAL services such as clean laundry so that families can go to WORK, attend SCHOOL, and live life with DIGNITY. We are passionate about Pueblo! We are community driven! We are an all-volunteer team!

2019 Results

547 Families served w/ 2187 washes. Demographics: 225 Disabled, 88 Veterans, 132 On the Streets, 270 new clients

December Results

December 12 : Excell: 53 Families served , 156 Washes, 11 Volunteers,  15 Disabled, 5 Veterans, 12 On the Streets, 19 new clients
December 18: Lady Fair: 25 Families served, 149 Washes, 11 Volunteers, 6 Disabled, 1 Veterans, 4 On the Streets, 14 new clients
Laundry Love Partners: Agape Fellowship, Steel City Fellowship, J G Enterprises, LLC., Amazing Grace Fellowship, Nazareth, A & E Custom Designs

2020 Vision

Expand the family hygiene & supplies for teachers programs, create a community shower solution, and team building.

We believe that we WILL find a solution to meet the need for SHOWERS, create a long-term and sustainable FAMILY HYGIENE program, and sponsor Pueblo City School TEACHERS with necessary supplies. Please contact us if you are interested in planning, supporting, or leading in one of these areas. Individuals with open minds and CREATIVE ideas are key to finding SOLUTIONS for unsolvable problems, TOGETHER we will do great things! 

Have a safe, fun, and happy New Year! Lori, Tim, Roger, Ann, Dayera, & Elaine

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