January Update 2020

Encourage Vision, Offer Hope, Restore Dignity for all in need!

A new year always feels like a new beginning. Many are planning life or habit changes  in hopes that the new year will be better than the previous. For others, life is not so easy. There has been much loss; family members, jobs, housing, safety, security, and more. This is why we exist, to help individuals and families to overcome their circumstances. Recently, one of our clients reached out to us stating that her teens wanted to volunteer. If you are not aware, all high school students in Pueblo are required to volunteer several hours in order to graduate. She asked if Capture the Vision would allow them to participate. We were thrilled to have this opportunity for a client to be able to give back. Today, at both the Excell and Bessemer locations you may see students as part of our volunteer team; they are earning their community credits and investing in others! The younger generation sometimes gets bad press for lack of motivation or hard work. Not our students, they are hard-working, friendly, and extremely helpful! If you know a student, please let them know that they can volunteer with us! We are passionate about Pueblo! We are community driven! We are an all-volunteer team!

At our recent budget and vision meeting we determined three main goal for 2020. Add a Laundry Love date for Pueblo’s eastside, expand the family hygiene & supplies for teachers programs, and create a community shower solution. Please pray for our vision to be aligned with God’s plan. 

Always remember that by providing CRITICAL services such as clean laundry, families can go to WORK, attend SCHOOL, and live life with DIGNITY. Supporting local schools will allow teachers to FOCUS ON STUDENTS. Successful students will create a POSITIVE IMPACT upon our community. Please reach out to us if you are interested in planning, supporting, or leading in one of these areas. Individuals with open minds and CREATIVE ideas are key to finding SOLUTIONS for unsolvable problems, TOGETHER we will do great things! 

The Capture the Vision Leadership Team: Tim, Roger, Ann, Dayera, Elaine, & Lori

January 9
Excell: 45 Families served , 161 Washes, 16 Volunteers,  8 Disabled, 2 Veterans, 19 On the Streets, 18 new clients
January 22
Lady Fair: 34 Families served, 204 Washes, 13 Volunteers, 14 Disabled, 5 Veterans, 9 On the Streets, 17 new clients
Laundry Love Partners
Steel City Fellowship, J G Enterprises, LLC., Amazing Grace Fellowship, Nazareth, A & E Custom Designs, Agape Fellowship

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