February Update 2020

Encourage Vision, Offer Hope, and Restore Dignity for all in need!

February was a record breaking month! We received our official tax exempt 501(c)3 status and we saw a 30% increase in families needing assistance. Our tax exempt status means that you can make a donation to Capture the Vision and receive a donation receipt for your 2020 taxes. We are ready to expand to Pueblo’s eastside community so this truly is the best time to give! We are looking for monthly partners to help raise another $1000 per month. This money will ensure that we continue to provide laundry services at our two existing locations and allow us to expand to Pueblo’s eastside. Remember that all donations go directly to serving the community; we do not pay staff, facilities, or utilities. If you ever wonder who we are helping, this month we connected with individuals living in cars; on the streets; in homes with multiple families, each family renting a room; and countless other scenarios. We assist those that are working, jobless, hopeless, and in the midst of domestic violence. They are looking to us for encouragement, comfort, and belief that they can overcome present circumstances. By investing in our vision, you can play a part in the lives of those that are being impacted and changed!  

2020 Goals
Add a Laundry Love date for Pueblo’s eastside, expand the family hygiene & supplies for teachers programs, and create a community shower solution. Please pray for our vision to be aligned with God’s plan. 

Always remember that by providing CRITICAL services such as clean laundry, families can go to WORK, attend SCHOOL, and live life with DIGNITY. Supporting local schools will allow teachers to FOCUS ON STUDENTS. Successful students will create a POSITIVE IMPACT upon our community. Please reach out to us if you are interested in planning, supporting, or leading in one of these areas. Individuals with open minds and CREATIVE ideas are key to finding SOLUTIONS for unsolvable problems, TOGETHER we will do great things! 

We want to thank our faithful and loving volunteers! We appreciate you and are so grateful to be serving alongside of you! Recently a few of our clients have expressed a desire to give back, several have come on board to help provide laundry services and security. All we can say is, YEAH!!!; giving back is a major part of our overall vision! This month we had the privilege to present Lady Fair Laundry owners Stacy & Daryl and team member Jessica, with the Capture the Vision Service Before Self Award and Challenge Coin. We so appreciate their dedication, passion, and support of our team and the Pueblo Community!

The Capture the Vision Leadership Team: Roger, Ann, Dayera, Elaine, Lori, Tim

February 13
Excell: 60 Families, 193 Washes, 11 Volunteers,  9 Disabled, 4 Veterans, 34 On the Streets, 21 new
February 23
Lady Fair: 49 Families,  303 Washes,  11 Volunteers, 9 Disabled, 4 Veterans, 17 On the Streets, 20 New
Laundry Love Partners
J G Enterprises, LLC., Amazing Grace Fellowship, Nazareth, A & E Custom Designs, Agape Fellowship, Steel City Fellowship

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