December Update 2020

Encourage Vision, Offer Hope, and Restore Dignity for all in need!

2020 has been a challenge and a blessing for the Capture the Vision team. Laundry Love numbers were lower, and some volunteers were unable to participate; however, giving increased, we gained new volunteers, and our areas of influence expanded. Those that received assistance at Laundry Love: 388 families, 646 individuals, and 175 new individuals. As a result of this program, burdens were lifted off families and people were encouraged each and every month. We miss all of the volunteers that took time off, however, we are grateful for the new ones that joined the team. These individuals lovingly cared for our community and brought a calming spirit to the chaos. 

We were finally approved to receive donations on Facebook which allowed us to participate in fundraisers that provided coats, hats, gloves, and blankets; 5 balance bikes for a school, and additional support to the general organization. Prior to school closings we purchased supplies for the teachers and classrooms and in the fall when classes resumed, we donated additional supplies to help the school start the year off successfully. We are excited to announce that we support Morton Elementary and Park View Elementary! This support includes administrative office, classroom, teacher, student supplies, and gym programs. 

We continue to look for monthly partners to help raise another $1000 per month. This money will ensure that we continue to provide laundry services at our two existing locations and allow us to expand to Pueblo’s eastside. Remember that all donations go directly to serving the community; we do not pay staff, for facilities, or utilities. If you ever wonder who we are helping, we connect with individuals living in cars, on the streets, in homes with multiple families, each family renting a room, and countless other scenarios. We assist those that are working, jobless, hopeless, and in the midst of domestic violence. All of these individuals are looking to us for encouragement, comfort, and belief that they can overcome present circumstances. By investing in our vision, you will become part in the lives of those that are being impacted and changed!    

2021 Goals : Add a Laundry Love date for Pueblo’s eastside, expand the family hygiene & supplies for teacher’s programs. Please pray for our vision to be aligned with God’s plan. 

We want to say a big thank you to our volunteers: Doye, Big Red, John, Renee, Yolanda, and Flora. We appreciate you and are so grateful to be serving alongside of you! A special welcome to the CTV team goes out to Renee who ensures that survival packs are available for those living on the streets and to Kylie who is assisting with social media and fundraising. 

Our Business Partners: J G Enterprises, LLC., Amazing Grace Fellowship, Nazareth, A & E Custom Designs, Agape Fellowship, Family Worship Center

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